The Rev wrote:
"Hey man, nice responses, but hell I thought I was wordy."

My apologies if my responses are too lengthy for single-session readings.
However, as any careful thinker knows, grand errors can be committed in a
minimum economy of words or even sleight of hand, but correcting them and
restoring rationality may require volumes. Falsehoods are short in the
telling, but long in the undoing.

I try to deal with every issue which comes up, so I should not be perceived
to be evasive on these matters. And while I ask numerous questions to my
opponents, they are rarely if ever addressed before I am hit with a new
barrage of new questions and criticisms. Yes, that becomes tiresome after a
while, but I realize that my opponents do not address my questions because
the philosophy which they are attempting to defend is intellectually
bankrupt. It is my hope that religious persons who engage these issues do so
with at least a modicum of honesty and a concern for integrity. I think that
in so doing, they may come to question the validity of their premises, which
is vital to their ability to come to the truth on these matters. After all,
I was like that for many years myself, and I did not become who I am now
overnight or without effort. But I did it all the same, and I think it's
possible for others as well.

The Rev wrote:
"Anyway, we just got this new sheep can I play with him some??"

Yes, but be gentle!