The Monkey asked:
"Ok mr godless. and in what form of existence would you accept god appearing? As another human being saying that he was god? or would you prefer him speaking to you by e-mail? Perhaps a little chat through your tv set or radio?  How would His voice have to be deep, loud authorative? All three perhaps?"
I know what would at least get my attention for starters: demonstrate reality conforming to conscious intentions (i.e., miraculous manipulation of existence). In John 2:1-11, it is claimed that Jesus turned water into wine. I have a closet full of water jugs in my house, plus several outlets for tap water. If one could by the command of his will (i.e., by an act of volition without any intermedial mechanical means, including fermentation processes) turn all the water in those jugs and all the water which comes out of the faucets in my house into wine, this just might get my attention. Or, if one could rearrange all the stars in the sky to read "Jesus saves!" in clear, unmistakable script, this also might get my attention. If reality conforms to acts of consciousness (which is the staple of religious fundamentals), then this phenomenon should be demonstrable if it is true. So, get creative. If you don't like the examples I've given, come up with your own. Demonstrate creation ex nihilo, for instance. Make something which does not exist magically appear.
Without such demonstration, however, all we have are the claims of men and the fallacy-borne arguments which they put forward for their beliefs. On this basis, it would be wrong for me to accept the claim that a god exists as it is understood in the religious sense. I have never seen such demonstrations, nor do I suppose that I ever will. Thus, I have no god-belief.