It seems that someone sent a new message to this web. I cannot be certain. It seems that it was posted the thread titled 'Certainty' - but I have no way of being sure. It seems that it was Peter who wrote it, but I could be wrong. It might actually have been sent by Steel or Godless, and my senses are deceiving me into thinking that it was Peter who wrote it instead. Perhaps there is no it to begin with, and my senses are misfiring again. How can I be certain one way or another? After all, my senses are inaccurate, so whatever I perceive may be an error before it even gets to my brain. I am trying to write a response to the post that I think came in today, but no matter how many times I review what I've written, I know I cannot trust my senses, so I really have no idea what I've actually written. I know what I think I've written, but I don't know what I've actually written. What I've actually written might make sense to others who read this, but then again, if it makes sense to them, perhaps what I've actually written is nonsense, and their senses are luckily picking up something sensible by mistake. Then again, maybe my fingers are not even touching a keyboard right now, but instead are mashing the potatoes I thought I ate yesterday. There's just no way to know, for I thought someone might have said "it is impossible to know."